Our Team

RK Dreams is nothing but a team at work, and it’s the team that has been redefining the way it works with film making. With location search and screening occupying the major space of the planning process, it becomes more evident that no film maker can proceed with shooting schedules without being very sure about the locations. It’s a known fact that the industry has already come to terms with. However, in the same breath, there are so many considerations and constraints that are potentially disruptive which can only be sort out with an effective team at work. Because we can deal with all variants of uncertainties and loopholes by engaging the right set of resources, we are more than confident about offering the value propositions to our esteemed clients. Value is something we are very much affiliated with and we want to ensure such a value enhancement at each level of our client engagement. Our team is equipped and well informed about the kind of intricacies that can impact the way every shoot takes place and as location service providers; we are more focused on team building. Our team building process is done by assimilating some of the best people from the industry who can readily deliver without having to get oriented from the basic levels. It could only happen with some of the best minds coming together and brining in their respective expertise to the table.

Our Team Composition –

Rohit Gupta – Proprietor, 26yrs
Producer with 6 years of experience

Suraj Yadav – 29yrs
Asst. Location Manager with 4 years Experience

Durgesh Gupta – 30 Yrs
Asst. Location Manager with 3 years Experience

Dhanraj Gupta – 29 Yrs
Asst. Location Manager with 5 years Experience

Surendra Maurya – 24 Yrs
Asst. Location Manager with 3 years Experience

Vikram Bhati – 22 Yrs
Asst. Location Managar with 2 years Experience

With such a versatile and dynamic team at work, we always have the edge that can be showcased to the clients of various preferences and priorities. It is a great combination of experience and young ideas that can streamline the thought process behind our operations. To that effect, we are more than privileged to have put together the team we take pride in which is a great asset for RK Dreams.