Auditorium Dadar Matunga Cultural Center

Photo’s of Auditorium Dadar Matunga Cultural Center

Dadar Matunga Cultural Center belt in Central Mumbai was quick forming into a territory of dominatingly white collar class inhabitants. Individuals from various strolls of life, got in the frenzy of prospering metropolitan development and a profound psychic need to resuscitate and merge their social roots.

As the social movement in the city was bound to far off rural areas and South Mumbai, the inhabitants of Dadar Matunga Cultural Center belt ended up in a kind of ‘vacuum’. It was in such a domain, to the point that a couple lively social laborers and authorities of Hindustani established music, drove by an observing music partner, the late Dr. S. G. Joshi met up and chose to begin a foundation gave essentially to advancing Hindustani traditional music and unified performing expressions. An establishment with a wide enrollment would cultivate in the inhabitants of the territory a solid taste of clean wholesome amusement.

The Dadar Matunga Cultural Center – then called Dadar Matunga Social Club – was established in November 1953, with an underlying participation of around 500 prominent men and ladies – extending from office-goers to individuals from the therapeutic, lawful, designing and different callings. Today, the Center has a participation of more than 1100 and throughout the years, has come to be viewed as a veritable reference point to sweethearts of Hindustani traditional music and other social exercises.

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