About Us

RK Dreams is a premium quality service provider operating in the segment of facilitating film shooting locations. Going by our stature of a highly focused film shootings locations provider in India, we cover over one lakh locations in the country. From the commercial hubs like Mumbai to the most traditional destinations like Jaipur, we have our network spread across various locations in India. Our team has all the experience and expertise to keep the process moving without leaving any room for disappointment from the customers we assist. Our approach is more of consultative style and the difference we strike is always reflected with the kind of uniqueness we bring in to our service offering. Depending on the nature and purpose of every single shoot, our clients can virtually demand an ideal or suitable location from us. When we are at work in dealing with various requirements that can impact the overall shooting schedules as well as the kind of outcome a film or movie has, our focus is about giving our best as facilitators. By clearly carving out a path that is unique and exceptionally different, we are more than confident of capturing a major share in the market. That adds to our confidence as well as future prospects that can be designed with more and clear focus.

RK Dreams believes in engaging professional teams and having experts on board who will ultimately drive the value chain associated in the industry. A clear focus would also mean to have a plausible strategy for every situation which balances between the scheduling related demands as well as the cost associated with each of the engagement processes. Having a very thoughtful and forthright communication would eventually help in building ourselves as a brand. However, it’s the customers who always remain to be our brand identity. The kind of clientele we deal with has always been the clear indicator of what we are and how we can add more value to the film makers and movie enthusiasts handling various shooting requirements from time to time. It’s indeed a thorough and careful learning process that is getting expedited into a clear cut service mechanism, helping us to get aligned with the best we can offer to the industry. Even though there are several players operating in this segment, we build our image and identity through customer centric services. They stand out in the market place, no matter how cluttered it may seem to be like.